Best wedding photographs taken by us in South Wales and Cardiff in 2017-2018

From the point of view of wedding photography and videography 2017-2018-wedding seasons weren’t as productive as they could be – after moving to the UK (in 2016) we just started to figure out the various advertisement options, building up our reputation again from zero, and had to settle in the UK, thinking about buying the house, etc.

But 2018 was an extremely productive year for our family – we had the best and long-awaited addition to our small family – our sweet baby boy arrived in July 2018. That’s why we didn’t book many weddings during that year and had to politely refuse so many enquiries for summer 2018, as we were not sure how long the recovery after the labour will take and what life with a newborn will look like. So we missed the peak of the wedding season, however, we still have plenty of wedding photographs to show here in this blog post.

So here are the very best wedding photos we took in 2017-2018 (the best wedding photos taken in 2019 can be seen here).

These years’ entries have included locations: