Wedding at Ynyslas Beach, Borth (Ceredigion)

Wedding photography at Ceredigion Register Office and Ynyslas Sand Dunes, Borth

When Ollie and Becky were looking for a South Wales wedding photographer, get in touch with me and sent me a link to their wedding website asking if I would be interested to capture their wedding in Aberystwyth, I was definitely sure I would like to do it. It required more than 3 hours driving in one way only, but its worth it – I’ve never been on such a “live” beach ceremony before.

Well, everything started not on the beach but in Aberystwyth (Ceredigion Register Office) where the official marriage registry ceremony took place.

After the ceremony bride went home to get ready for beach ceremony which took place at Ynyslas National Nature Reserve (located near  Borth – north to Aberystwyth). It was something amazing – really hot weather, dramatically blue sky, mild wind, live music performed by talented guests (as both Rebecca and Oliver work in theatre and opera environment they have so many friends playing different musical instruments). Just imagine – you are sitting on the warm sand, gorgeous nature is around you and you hear the sound of the violin, it is more than amazing, or another thing – bride and groom are staying in the middle of the huge dune, and all the guests around them are singing “Stand by me”,

Of course, the ceremony attracted some strangers – the most curious people who were visiting Ynyslas that day enjoyed the ceremony as well.

And after the ceremony a very nice tradition took place – first swim (something like the first dance, but in water) – everyone together with the bride and groom went swimming in sea.

This wedding was a great life experience for me. 

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