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Happywed.co.uk. photography and videography

Part 1. 


The details of the wedding arrangements are to be agreed beforehand in writing (email is acceptable). The Client shall notify the Photographer of any changes to these details (venue, times, or contact details) as soon as possible in writing.

Payment Terms

  1. A non-refundable booking fee will confirm the booking, as well as full acceptance of the terms and conditions as published on the photographer’s website. An upfront fee is required to secure Client’s booking which is used to cover the cost of administration, planning and preparation.
  2. Full payment of the remaining balance is required 30 days – 2 weeks before the wedding date. The photographer will send out final invoices/reminders by email 6 weeks prior to your wedding date. Failure to pay 5 days  before the date of the wedding will be deemed a breach of contract and result in The Photographer and Videographer  not attending the wedding. 

4.. Extra albums, prints and services – orders with 3rd party suppliers will not be placed until payment is received in full.


  1. All standard wedding packages and additional goods specified on the booking form are supplied at the prices ruling on the date of booking. Goods not specified on the booking form are supplied at the prices ruling at the time of receipt of the order.
  2. International travel and distant weddings will incur additional costs at the customers expense.

Final Arrangements

Clients must be available to be contacted before their event to finalize any plans or change any important information regarding their event.

Cancellation Fees

For cancelling/making a significant change to booking which Happywed.co.uk cannot accommodate, Client will be charged as follows:

– 29 days notice or less – full balance due minus any travel surcharges

– 31 days or more – loss of deposit only

Postponement or rescheduling Client’s wedding date

If Clients need to reschedule their event due to exceptional circumstances, their booking will be transferred to their new date as long as Photographer/Videographer (happywed.co.uk) is available. If Photographer/Videographer (happywed.co.uk) personally is not available then the normal cancellation policy applies.

Force Majeure

Happywed.co.uk will endeavour to put the client(s) in touch with another photographer/videographer in the event they are unable to attend on the wedding date due to any cause beyond their reasonable control e.g. sudden illness, injury, victim of crime, flooding, epidemic, pandemic etc.

If a technical error occurs during filming of Client’s event: for example, if their ceremony is not recorded a full refund will be issued to them. If other parts of their day are missed, a partial refund to the value of that section of video will be refunded.

Part 2. Event

Time duration

The time duration starts when the photographer and videographer arrive and finishes when they leave.

License, Coverage and Reproduction

  1. Clients are responsible for any and all permits, licenses, approvals and any associated fees needed for Happywed.co.uk to photograph and perform photography services.
  2. Happywed.co.uk intends to capture all anticipated images of the important moments in your day but makes no guarantee to capture any specific image or scene.
  3. For a booking involving a church ceremony or at certain venues, the filmmaker’s and photographer’s movements are sometimes restricted by the official in charge. The area from which they are able to cover the ceremony may not be their choice and they cannot accept responsibility for any obstructed view should this be the case. The use of artificial lighting (flash) may be restricted or prohibited. The photographing of parts or even all of the ceremony may be restricted or prohibited. 
  4. Although all equipment is checked regularly and reasonable steps are taken to ensure backup equipment is available, the photographer will not be responsible for photographs that are not produced due to technical failure.
  5. Client’s purchase of Happywed.co.uk video services may include two video pieces: Wedding video film and a Short wedding movie.
  6. The Short wedding movie is a short piece (3-7 minutes) that is a professionally edited montage of the footage of Client’s day. The Wedding video film (20-60 minutes) is a minimally edited documentary piece.
  7. The length of the video depends on the length of Client’s wedding, and the professional discretion of the editor.
  8. Happywed.co.uk use their professional expertise and discretion to ensure that significant parts of the day are recorded.  Unfortunately, Happywed.co.uk cannot guarantee that they will be able to record every aspect of the day as filming takes place ‘live’.
  9. The photographer(s) shall endeavor to photograph all individuals as requested by the client(s) at some point, but no responsibility or liability will be taken by the photographer(s) on the occasion of leaving somebody out. 
  10. Even though the photographer’s style is unobtrusive and natural, the couple’s cooperation is still required during the staged photoshoot to get natural-looking photographs. Failure or refusal to follow the photographer’s professional advice may result in fewer photographs being taken and delivered.
  11.  Sufficient time must be allocated for photography, including group and couple’s photoshoots, especially when travel between venues and locations is required, and especially in areas with limited or no parking (e.g., city centers). The photographer cannot be held liable for the event’s time management.

Additional photography services

  1. On the day of the wedding, Clients may decide that they want additional photo and video coverage that was not included in their original contract. If the photographer’s and videographer’s schedule permits, they will do so but for the first hour Client will be charged an overtime rate. If Clients request more than 1 hour of overtime, they will be charged the coverage price that is closest to the total amount of hours incurred on their day. This request can be made verbally to photographer during the day of their wedding.
  2. Similarly, when delays occur due to circumstances out of their control, the photographer and videographer will stay on beyond the agreed time if required, for an additional fee.

Personal Accident 

Any directions issued to clients, their guests or employees during a photographic shoot are deemed to be at said person’s own risk. The photographer cannot be held responsible for any personal accidents during a photographic shoot.

Crew meal

If contracted for 6 hours or more THE CLIENT shall provide a meal for Happywed.co.uk

 Part 3. After Event


Happywed.co.uk own the images produced in conjunction with this contract, including all copyrights in such images and is allowed by Client to display any photograph covered by this contract and to generally promote the business in advertising, brochures, magazine articles, websites, sample albums, social media, etc. 

Happywed.co.uk own the video footages produced in conjunction with this contract, including all copyrights in such videos and reserves the right to display parts of Client’s video on his website and other media formats

Digital Files

  1. Once post production has been completed, Happywed.co.uk will release the high resolution JPEG files to the client via password-protected online gallery.
  2. The couple will receive the best images from the wedding, selected by the photographer and edited to a professional standard, the couple will not receive RAW files or negatives.
  3. Due to a variety of lighting conditions and the limitations of digital sensors, some colours may alter throughout a set of photographs. Please note that certain colours do not reproduce exactly in print. 


All images will be adjusted for exposure, brightness, contrast, sharpness, colour correction, etc. The Photographer’s judgement regarding these corrections shall be deemed correct.

The photographer may remove any blemishes, such as acne and redness where appropriate but does not guarantee it. The photographer may also remove any unwanted small objects from the plain background, such as small bits of rubbish (ex pack of crisp on the lawn), but not complicated objects like people and cars in the city center, buildings or trees.

The photographer will not change the background or add or remove people from the photographs. However, if the client wants major manipulation of a photograph, the photographer will provide an additional quote for editing the photograph. The photographer may also refer the client to an outsourcing website where they can request this service.

The photographer is not responsible for the hair makeup, and tan or tan marks (fly away hair, poor quality of the make-up etc) and will not edit these.

Video editing

  1. All editing and post production will be carried out to the videographer’s discretion and using the videographer’s style. The videographer will retouch, digitally manipulate and finish the videos according to his/her own discretion.
  2. Upon taking possession of the finished product, the client must inform (in writing) Happywed.co.uk of any technical or other problems with the video within 7 days. After 7 days, if no notification has been received, the client will be deemed to be satisfied with the product.

Receipt of Goods

  1. All wedding orders will take approximately four to twelve weeks to complete but this can be longer during peak times.
  2. Due to the nature of the product The Photographer(s) are unable to give exchanges or refunds. This does not affect Client’s statutory rights.

Terms of delivery

Videos are filmed using HD technology and provided as HD files via password-protected online gallery.

Album Delivery

  1. With the purchase of a standard layout album, Client will be provided with a proof as part of this service agreement. The sole purpose of the proof is to verify that all of selected images were included in the album.
  2. Completion of the album will take approximately 2-3 months from start to finish and is dependent on Client’s active participation.
  3. All Albums must be signed off by the client prior to production. Once approved the signed off design will be reflected in the final product. Happywed.co.uk is unable to accept responsibility for any errors or omissions once approval has been given.
  4. Clients are granted a period of 6 months following the delivery of their image gallery to finalize their photo selections for the albums. Due to rising album costs, an additional fee may be applied if client selections are not received within the designated 6-month window.

Limitation of Liability

In the unlikely event of a total photographic failure or cancellation of this contract by either party or in any other circumstance the liability of one party to the other shall be limited to the total value of the contract. Neither party shall be liable for indirect or consequential loss.

Governing Law 

This agreement shall be governed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.