Top wedding photos of the year 2020 (Cardiff, Bristol & South Wales)

What a year it was…Very promising from the beginning. We had so many weddings booked throughout Wales and Bristol, so many inquiries, and ended up shooting 3 (three) weddings, returning dozens of deposits, and rescheduling postponed weddings (sometimes even more than once for some couples).

But we didn’t give up. We introduced the special offer package and extended it to 2022 weddings as well to help affected couples recover from financial losses they suffered from multiple cancellations and postponements.

We also had a great amount of time to set up our Etsy shop, where you can buy our videographer Iaroslav’s artworks and paintings.

So… Here is it – a very small gallery of our most loved top wedding photos of the year 2020, taken by (South Wales and Bristol wedding photographer Ana Hmelnitkaia).

This year’s entries have included locations:

Graig y Nos castle, Swansea

The Square Club, Bristol

Cardiff City Hall