Wedding Photographer – Cardiff City Hall

Marriage ceremony at St. David’s suite, Cardiff City Hall. Rowan and Sarah

Rowan and Sarah had their wedding at St David’s suite in Cardiff city hall, otherwise known as the St Dwynwen’s Room.

This lovely intimate ceremony took place in August 2020 shortly after Welsh Government uplifted some Covid-19 related restrictions and allowed for simple ceremonies to go ahead.

St David’s suite in Cardiff city hall is quite a spacious room, and I guess normally could fit more than 50 guests. But during these uncertain times, Cardiff Council was kind enough to let all the newlyweds get married in this room for no extra fee. So Sarah and Rowan’s small ceremony benefited from this rule and their marriage took place in the St David’s Room to allow for the required social distancing. 

The bride and groom and their parents arrived at the main City Hall entrance where I’ve already been waiting for them while trying to hide from stormy winds and raindrops (btw I usually arrive as early as possible to set up my gear and to avoid traffic congestions just in case if they happen on my route).

While waiting for being invited to enter the City Hall, we took a few family photographs (group shots), and shortly after we were escorted to the ceremony room by a member of the staff. Before entering it we were kindly asked to sanitize our hands.

Wedding Photographer – Cardiff 

I need to say as a wedding photographer I am a bit worried about unexpected COVID restrictions that registrars may apply. But here in the Cardiff registry office photography was permitted however I was asked to remain in one place and not move around the room. 

After the ceremony, we managed to take some candid photographs at the gorgeous Bute Park, Cardiff Castle, and Cardiff City hall grounds. And it was a kind of luck because the day was and really windyyyy August day. Stormy, but warm. With yellow warnings issued by the Met office. 

Wedding Photographer for ceremony only – Cardiff 

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