Wedding photography Cardiff and South Wales

Wedding at Ararat Baptist Church Cardiff and De Courceys Manor

Joe and Jenny are more than lucky (first of all of course because they met each other).  And the second lucky thing was the weather during their wedding day (because when you book your wedding day in the UK you don’t really know what weather to expect). So their wedding day was sunny and even hot, despite the fact that all (yes, really ALL) other days at the end of May and beginning of June were cold, windy and rainy – I’ve been thinking that summer forgot about Wales at all.

The couple’s wedding ceremony took place in Ararat Baptist Church in Cardiff, a lovely place to be married.

Wedding reception at De Courceys Manor

The reception was held at De Courceys Manor, and guests were enjoying the sunny weather, socializing, and having drinks outside the venue.

After the wedding breakfast, a very interesting raffle took place – the bride and groom prepared some nice and fun presents for the winners. And just imagine – all three small cute kids who were presented at the wedding, won a prize each. How sweet!

Enjoy these photo highlights and don’t forget to send me a message if you have any questions or enquiries. 

Wedding photography Cardiff

Here you can take a look at another beautiful couple’s wedding (captured by me) that has had their wedding reception at De Courceys Manor.