Wedding photographer and videographer in Cardiff, South Wales, Bristol, Gloucester and Hereford

Reasons why it’s a good idea to book us:

(not by order of decreasing importance):

1. Booked means booked. When you book us, you book us (not someone else to shoot on our behalf). It’s quite a common practice, and it’s called “an associate shooter”.  Some photographers and companies tend to book 2-3 weddings for the same date, and then send the cheaper and less experienced photographers to cover those extra bookings. We don’t accept this practice, and if you booked us, you booked us (certain persons, with their certain vision, experience, and style). Unless force major happens, then we’ll have no choice and will recommend/send someone else to capture your day.

2. Experience. We have great experience in wedding photography and videography (our business was established in 2009). We perfectly understand what happens during weddings, what photographs and films are expected to be delivered by us. Not to mention that we won’t be overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done.

3. We love what we do. 

Husband and wife wedding photographer and videographer team

4. We don’t care. We are very open-minded people. And we don’t care if your uncle or another guest or even all the guests will come to your wedding with their own professional cameras. Surely it won’t make us nervous or make us work less. Trust us, we’ve seen so many posts on wedding photographers’ forums about “guests with a camera”, that we are quite shocked how selfish and complicated can photographers be. Our photographer Anna is absolutely happy if your guests will take their own photos of you. Anyway, they won’t be as good as her shots (it doesn’t sound selfish, does it;)?

5. Natural photos and films. Our photographs and films won’t make your grandchildren feel shy to look at them. From our portfolio, you can see that we love our images and films to look elegant, light, and very natural

Wedding photographer and videographer

6. Our “Photography + videography package” is much cheaper than booking 2 services apart.

7. Happy to chat. We are happy to chat with you over email, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. about whatever it is you need to talk about!

8. Our prices are very smooth and clear – no hidden charges, VAT, etc.

9. The booking process is very easy (and quite eco-friendly). 

10. Discounts and offers.  Make sure to visit our website frequently and check for various offers and discounts (we usually offer Black Friday discounts and run various promotions on our Facebook page).