When do weddings resume in Wales and England?

As a small business that has been hit by the coronavirus crisis and lockdown, we are experiencing very uncertain times. As well as our couples who unfortunately had to postpone their weddings (some of our couples had to postpone the big day for 3 times already!!!). 

So when weddings will restart in Wales?

Wedding restrictions uplifting timeline:

The latest update for Wales:  21 August 2020

 From Saturday, August 22, weddings will be able to include a meal for up to 30 people, in suitably socially distant settings.

Update for Wales:  31 July 2020

Licensed wedding venues will be able to reopen from Monday (August 3rd) in Wales.
Receptions (for up to 30 people) will need to be outdoors, but that could change from 15 August.

Update for Wales:  7 July 2020

Here’s what the Welsh Government’s official Guidance on marriages and civil partnerships: coronavirus tells us:
“In defining the number of people that can reasonably attend whilst still adhering to 2 metres distancing, the total floor space, as well as likely pinch points and busy areas, should be taken into account (e.g. entrances, exits, corridors, aisles) to calculate capacity within each place of worship or Register Office.
The maximum number who can attend will include those who are legally required to be in attendance such as the celebrant, authorized person, and any registration officials. The couple and their witnesses will also be included in the maximum number.”

Update for Wales: 24 June 2020

According to Welsh Government ceremonies can go ahead from 22 June, but must remain socially distanced.

Here’s what official guidance on staying local and gatherings tells us:

“Another reason for which you are allowed to leave your local area is to attend a marriage or civil partnership ceremony. Places of worship may be opened for the solemnisation of marriages and the formation of civil partnerships subject to the maintenance of social distancing measures and these venues will be able to decide whether they want to open for such purposes. This will mean that limited ceremonies can take place in these venues and in register offices. This does not extend to receptions or other celebrations that many will want to enjoy as part of their wedding. Tackling coronavirus does not allow us to go further at this stage”.

So in a few words: ceremonies can go ahead, but only in places of worship and register offices, and if they choose to open.

The advice sounds a bit like a recent mem made of Boris Johnson’s speech: “Go to work. Don’t go to work”. “Weddings can take place. But NOT, If your local register office chooses not to open”.

Basically it is YES and NO at the same time.

wedding photography at Craig y nos Castle Swansea

The latest update for England: 13 August 2020

Wedding receptions in the form of a sit-down meal for up to 30 guests will be permitted in England from August 15, 2020.

Update for England: 31 July 2020

The Prime Minister has now announced that wedding receptions with up to 30 people will not be able to take place until 15 August, at the earliest.

 Update for England: 17 July 2020

From 1 August, 30 people are allowed to attend a reception after the ceremony.

Update for England: 29 June 2020

In accordance with the latest advice from Gov.uk: (COVID-19: Guidance for small marriages and civil partnerships, published 29 June 2020): small marriages and civil partnerships are allowed to begin safely from 4 July 2020.

Strictly speaking weddings in England are allowed, YES means YES here. 

But it’s not the kind of wedding many couples were dreaming of: social distancing measures still take place, no singing allowed, no food, no drinks. And no reception: “Any receptions that typically follow or accompany marriages are strongly advised not to take place at this time. Small celebrations should only take place if following social distancing guidelines – i.e. in groups of up to two households indoors, or up to 6 people from different households outdoors”.

There’s also a limit on the number of guests (it is strongly advised that numbers are restricted to 30, including photographer and videographer – so it’s minus 2 guests from the initial list). 

wedding photo ynyslas beach

When did it start? March 23, 2020

Following the Prime Minister’s statement all the venues, churches, and other places have closed their doors.

When to postpone to?

Another good question. We can only guess when the date after which you can definitely expect big weddings to resume.

And we can only suggest you move your date as far in advance as possible (Summer-Autumn 2021). It may help you reduce the risk of having to postpone your wedding date again and again.

st Peters Church peterston super Ely wedding ceremony

Looking to postpone a wedding?

At Happywed.co.uk wedding photography and videography there is no postponement fee and no increase in rates. The package that you booked retains its pricing regardless of how far ahead you rebook for.