Monmouthshire wedding photographer

Wedding photography at Three Salmons Hotel, Usk

Aidan and Lucie’s wedding took place in a picturesque and lovely small town of Usk (which is located in the heart of the beautiful Monmouthshire countryside in South Wales). It is a nice place to get married as everything is located within walking distance (and it is not only the one reason). So while the bride was finishing her preparations in Three salmons Hotel (Usk) the guests started arriving in the local church just nearby the hotel and we could even see them through the window. 

The beautiful catholic marriage ceremony took place at local St Francis Xavier and St David Lewis Church. The interesting and lovely thing is that when the couple has been planning their wedding, Aidan said to Lucie that the only thing that was really important to him was to be married in the same church where he had been baptized as a child and of course by the same priest. Other details like the color of flowers, wedding attributes and etc he left for Lucie’s consideration 🙂 

After the ceremony, all the guests walked down to the Usk Castle to have a couple of group shots taken, and when it was done, the bride and groom made a short trip to Ramada Resort where Lucie and Aidan had a romantic photo session.

The Reception took place at Three salmons Hotel, it was a lovely warm summer evening, with many looong speeches, smiles, tears, hugs and of course dances. For the first dance, the bride changed her white wedding dress to a red one and she looked truly amazing in it.

Please enjoy these wedding photography highlights taken at Three salmons Hotel in Usk. By the way, are you looking for a wedding photographer in the Usk area, Monmouth area or somewhere else in South Wales (Monmouthshire wedding photographer)? Then please don’t hesitate to contact me.