Wedding photographer Swansea – Norton House

Wedding photography at St Michael’s church and Norton House (Swansea)

Sarah and Rob’s wedding as photographed at St Michael’s church and Norton House (Swansea) by South Wales wedding photographer Ana Hmelnitkaia

Sarah and Rob planned their wedding in a very tight period of time. They contacted me just a few months before their wedding day and were extremely happy their big day’s date hadn’t been booked yet.

Sarah was getting ready at home, and bridal preparations were very relaxed. She was telling us nice and lovely things about her family and I liked one nice story about her and Rob’s sons. In September, a week before their wedding day they asked their sons what was going to happen next Friday. The answer was supposed to be: “Mum and dad are getting married”. But boys replied: “Christmas?”. Kids are so lovely, they totally forgot about their parents’ wedding day.

The marriage ceremony took place at St Michael’s church in Swansea.

After the ceremony, we went straight to Clyne Gardens, where the bride and groom could have some time for themselves and have some portraits to be taken.

The reception took place at Norton House (Swansea). It was a lovely evening, and I felt a little bit jealous of how many friends Sarah and Rob have around them, as all my friends are all over the world. 

There were so many jokes, the atmosphere of the wedding reception was so joyful.

Wedding Photographer Swansea

South Wales wedding photographer Ana Hmelnitkaia.