wedding photography at Van Road Caerphilly Church

Wedding photographer Cardiff – Llanishen Golf Club. Kay and Dave

Wedding ceremony at Van Road Church Caerphilly

I absolutely loved being part of Kay and Dave’s wedding day and capturing their wedding ceremony at United Reformed Church (Caerphilly) followed by the reception at the Llanishen Golf club.

The bride and groom were so emotional during the ceremony, I saw true love in their eyes, the way they were looking at each other was telling everyone – look, here is an example of when people are made for each other.

Kay and Dave have one special common interest – alpinism, which became the keytone of all their wedding decorations. Photographs captured at the tops of famous British and not only British heights were used as ornaments on tables. Even the wedding cake had a surprise – miniature sugar bride and groom were climbing up on one of the cake’s sides.

Another nice surprise (the main surprise of the wedding ceremony I believe) was the song performed on piano by the bride, who is a professional pianist. And I have to mention that the ceremony was very very very and once again very musical – so many songs and live piano music were played during it. 

And of course, as we are all from the Caerphilly area – me, bride and groom (and not only I guess) we decided to take a few photographs near Caerphilly castle, which is truly fascinating and is one of my favourite places to walk with my family.

Wedding reception at Llanishen Golf Club, Cardiff

The Wedding Reception took place at Llanishen Golf Club which is famous across South Wales for its friendly welcome.

Wedding photographer Cardiff

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