Wedding photography at Clevedon Community Centre

Sunhill House (atm known as Clevedon community hall) was owned by the Woodington family until the early 1940s, and in 1949 was bought by the people of Clevedon. Nowadays Clevedon community centre is a spacious and flexible venue for a fantastic wedding reception (wedding receptions take place in the Princes Hall). The venue is surrounded by Sunhill park and a spacious garden which are brilliant choices for outdoor wedding ceremonies. You can visit the Clevedon community hall website to find out more about the wedding packages they offer.

Wedding photographer Bristol – Clevedon Community Centre. Penny and Tom’s wedding day

Penny and Tom’s wedding day was much more relaxed than anyone can even imagine. Initially, the ceremony was supposed to be held in the park with most people sitting on picnic blankets, but unfortunately, it was quite showery that day, and the couple decided to follow plan B.

Guests started arriving in the afternoon. And it was time for the bride and groom to say hello to everyone and remember how large-scale socializing works: there was food & lots of various funny park games and some nice games in the bar area provided. And there were no masks requirements anymore (it was the first weekend after the Government uplifted restrictions regarding weddings in England) – what a relief for wedding photographer Bristol – to see people’s faces and emotions.

Wedding guests were told to practice their cake-making skills, and bring along their sweet creation (and just imagine: 50 people confirmed they would bring a cake). On arrival, they were provided with a label to indicate if it had nuts, gluten, dairy, or other allergens in it.  Apparently, the cakes were superb – they got eaten quite fast! 

There were lots of kids who contributed to the speed of cakes disappearing as well. You can notice children were having a great time – there were so many things to be busy with – games in the garden, especially the parachute game (honestly speaking adults enjoyed it as well).

Wedding photographer Bristol – reception at Clevedon Hall

After some time spent outdoors, it was time to move inside for the ceremony, reception, meal, dancing, singing, laughing!

The ceremony was held on the Princess hall stage, and there was nothing too formal, cause they got legally married earlier that week. To be honest, I am a bit sorry the couple could not have their ceremony outdoors surrounded by guests sitting in the cozy blankets. But… Being on the stage, in front of 150 guests, under the beautiful theatre lights – it was more than amazing!

Plus, there was another lovely moment for Tom’s grandma, she was sitting on the stage as well, and she recently turned 90, so all the guests were singing Happy birthday to her, it was so cute!

By the way, the wedding ceremony was conducted by the bride’s father. And the bride’s mother contributed to the bride’s look – she created the bouquet (and other floral ornaments) using paper maps (because the bride and groom both work in civil engineering).

After the ceremony, we went outside for confetti and group shots and then went back inside for the meal. The speeches were amazing – with so many compliments to the bride and groom from the two best women (best ladies – Tom’s sister, and Penny’s best friend). After the meal, we went back outside for some more group shots and couple’s photos.

It was soon time for the first dance and the Silent disco party! Silent disco is where people dance to music listened to on wireless headphones. Those without the headphones hear no music, giving the effect of a room full of people dancing to nothing.

Wedding photographer Bristol

For me (Wedding photographer Bristol) it was an absolute pleasure photographing this wedding.

If you’re getting married at Clevedon community centre or any other venue in the Bristol area then please get in touch with me to discuss your wedding plans. I hope you enjoy these photos from Clevedon community hall.