Wedding Photography at Llechwen Hall Hotel

Llechwen Hall hotel (first records dated 1720)  is an extremely popular wedding venue in South Wales. Apparently, it has an absolutely rich history behind it. There was a farmhouse, a stopover prison there, a school, a pub, and a nightclub. Llechwen Hall first became a hotel in 1990. “Llechwen”, a traditional Welsh word, that translates as “White Slate” is also surrounded by outstanding views of the Welsh countryside.

Llechwen Hall Hotel wedding photographer

Thomas and Saloni booked my “Half day+  wedding photography package“. It covers up to 6 hours (starting and ending when the couple prefers). So I arrived at Llechwen Hall Hotel in 30-40 minutes

before the ceremony started to capture the guests’ arrival.

The funniest thing was that both guys who were providing live streaming and the harpist Anna asked me if I was the registrar. I told them that my accent would probably prevent me from getting this job. But guys told me not to worry and that I had a nice Welsh accent. It was very kind of them.

Honestly speaking I think they thought I was the registrar because I had a folder with paperwork (it looked very smart and contained the printed version of group shots lists. It was my second wedding in a row of three. So I had everything printed and ready for that busy weekend).

Llechwen Hall Hotel wedding ceremony – photos

The lovely ceremony was conducted by the Pontypridd registry office representatives. An interesting and rare thing is that Thomas has accepted Saloni’s surname. 

The reception took place at the marquee. Doubtless, the speeches were absolutely funny. The bride, groom, groom’s father, and both bride’s parents had an occasion to have a discourse about the lovely newlyweds. 

Saloni’s parents had their speeches prints very nicely decorated. The other side of the sheets was covered with their family photos. It was so lovely! You can see how much the family means to them.

South Wales Wedding Photography 

It wasn’t the first time I’d photographed a wedding at Llechwen Hall Hotel. There’s another wedding I photographed at Llechwen Hall to take a look at. And there are quite a few couples who booked me in 2022 and 2024 as their wedding photographer at the Llechwen hall hotel.

If you are getting married at Llechwen Hall Hotel, or somewhere else in South Wales,  please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would like to be considered as your wedding photographer 😉