Wedding photography at Maes Manor Hotel, Blackwood. Tina and Paul

Originally built in 1892, Maes Manor Hotel is an amazing wedding venue situated in the heart of the Welsh Valleys, with outstanding views over the surrounding valley (and the Blackwood bridge).  You can visit Manor’s website for more information about the wedding packages they offer.

This was my first time being a South Wales wedding photographer in Maes Manor Hotel in Blackwood and I am delighted to share these candid moments with you.

Wedding at Maes Manor Hotel, Blackwood

First of all, the date when Tina and Paul got married was my wedding anniversary date as well, so I have something very special in common with them – the same numbers (July 10th) mean a lot to us.

The beautiful bride and bridesmaids got ready for the day in the cozy and stylish bridal suite before heading to the ceremony suite. 

The ceremony was amazing, and more than 30 people were allowed to witness the marriage ceremony! But because of the Covid restrictions guests still had to wear masks. 

Tina was taken down the aisle by her stepmother, and it was such an emotional moment. 

After the bride and groom tied the knot, the couple and their guests went outside for drinks and photos. 

Maes Manor Hotel Wedding photos 

I need to say – no matter the weather or the time of year, Maes manor hotel is a very good place for wedding photos: the manor itself, the gardens and grounds are amazing. 

After the wedding breakfast, the speeches followed: amazing ones from the bride, groom, his son (who acted as his best man), and the groom’s mother. The speeches were amazing, I always love capturing them and today was no different. Sincere and emotional and full of love from all speakers…

After the speeches guests spent some time outside socializing and later were invited to enjoy Tina and Paul’s first wedding dance.   Unfortunately because of the restrictions, the dance floors were not allowed but it didn’t affect those sincere emotions everyone witnessed during the dance.

This was my first time photographing at Maes Manor Hotel and I hope it isn’t my last!

South Wales wedding photographer

It was a fantastic day and thank you so much Paul and Tina for having me as your South Wales Wedding Photographer at Maes manor hotel in Blackwood (Caerphilly).