Bristol Wedding Photographer

Bristol wedding photographer. Relaxed style, stunning natural photos

Hi! My name is Anna and I am a professional wedding photographer in Bristol. Actually, I am based in Caerphilly and am available to be booked all over Bristol and South Wales. I have 12+ years of experience and I just love weddings and people!

marriage ceremony at the Square Club Bristol

As you can see I am a big fan of natural and classic photographs. In my wedding portfolio, you won’t find photographs with “plastic” skin filters, you won’t find weird colors and toning (like grey-ish skin, too many brown tones, or “killed” green color – when grass, bridal bouquet all look pale grey). I am proud that my photos show real emotions and relationships and are professionally edited. I am proud to deliver documentary relaxed wedding photos with stunning natural colours in them.

Relaxed natural wedding photographs

So you can imagine that photo editing, retouching, and color correction are important parts of my wedding photography workflow. And the most time-consuming (after writing blogs like this one). 

A couple of years ago (when I was shooting weddings in Moldova), I used to record some short videos to show how underexposed wedding photographs may be improved using professional software. So here are examples of how I do things. (Please note all videos have background music, and it is quite loud. So please make sure to tap on mute sound as the video starts playing).

You can notice that there is our old logo on the videos. Nowadays we don’t keep the domain active anymore, however, our old wedding blog is still alive. 

So why the color correction is so important for wedding photography in Bristol?

First of all, some Bristol wedding venues are quite dark. Especially some churches and castles. Especially when it’s raining outside. Especially when it’s an October-March wedding… In such low light conditions professional cameras and lenses (like the ones I own) help a lot. And of course, I add some brightness and saturation during post-production – it only makes photos look better.

Secondly, some venues won’t let the photographer use an external flashlight at all. 

And finally, some venues simply have a variety of light bulbs (fluorescent, LED, blue, yellow, white) all together installed in the same room. And wedding photographers (like me, who work in documentary style) may simply have no possibility to manually re-set the white balance each time he catches a new moment. But luckily, all these colors and lighting imperfections may be improved later.     

Hired another Bristol wedding photographer but not extremely happy with the photographs you received?

Well, I am quite overwhelmed with the amount of my own work that needs to be done, but still can help you. Just drop me a message and I’ll be happy to make your wedding photographs look better, more colorful and nice. Also please don’t be shy if want me to improve some skin imperfections. Nobody’s perfect. Well no. Everyone is perfect and beautiful in their own way. But sometimes, when the photograph had been taken under the hard light conditions (direct sunshine, wrong exposed flash, etc), you may notice that some things may need retoucher/editor’s attention. So I can:

  1. remove blemish and acne
  2. soften wrinkles
  3. whiten teeth
  4. remove skin redness (usually it does apply to older male guests)
  5. remove some loose objects or stranger persons in the background 
How many edited photos do my couples receive?

My couples receive as many retouched photographs as it’s mentioned in their contract. So, for example, if you book a Full day wedding photography package, you can expect to get at least 550 photographs (carefully edited in my unique style).

And these are just a few of thousands of wedding photographs I took in Bristol: