Sant Ffraed House wedding photography

Steeped in history, Sant Ffraed House rises from the 12th-century legacy of Llansantffraed Court. In 2021, it found a new chapter under the wing of the renowned Oldwalls Collection, joining their prestigious family of wedding venues like Oldwalls and Fairyhill.

Here are some Oldwalls and Fairyhill I captured recently:

Sant Ffraed House wedding 

John and James got married at Sant Ffraed House in November 2023, surrounded by their lovely families and friends! The air shimmered with an elegant tension as guests, adorned in bow ties and crisp suits, mingled alongside women in graceful black dresses, each silhouette a testament to timeless sophistication. Everyone just looked gorgeous!

The late autumn weather was also perfect, and the camera’s dream came true. After the set of official group and couple’s photos, it was time for guests to mingle whilst I was capturing the candids.

The speeches were so lovely, and the whole day was just a pleasure to capture!

Sant Ffraed House wedding photographer

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