Craig y Nos Castle wedding photography

Craig-y-nos Castle (English: Rock of the Night) was built between 1841 and 1843. Adelina Patti (opera singer) purchased the castle and surrounding parkland in 1878. Today the theatre remains a time capsule: the stage area is still fronted by blue silk curtains, with a backdrop that illustrates Madam Patti riding in a chariot, dressed as Semiramide from the opera of the same name by Rossini. This stage is the place where the wedding ceremonies are being held nowadays, and it’s simply breathtaking – getting married in front of all your guests, in a place full of history and cultural value.

Craig y Nos Castle wedding photos

It was such a pleasure to photograph a wedding at Craig y Nos castle again. The last time I photographed a beautiful wedding there was in January 2020. Just a few months before the national Covid-related lockdown. It was one of 3 weddings I photographed in between lockdowns in 2020.

I felt so excited to travel to Craig y nos again and to work there again with Janet. I would highly recommend booking her as your make-up artist/hairstylist.

Craig y Nos Castle wedding 

Marta and Marshall postponed their wedding day 3 or 4 times, and even when the restrictions in Wales were lifted, they still couldn’t have the celebrations they were dreaming of. Most of Marta’s friends and family couldn’t come from Italy, as the covid and travel restrictions (self-isolation etc) were still in place there.

Marta and Marshall finally got married in March 2022 surrounded by closest friends and family members, and I need to admit I felt like a member of that big family. Both I and Janet received the bouquets in the morning and thought we could be bridesmaids. And why not? By the way, the bride had only bridesmen, not bridesmaids, so the spaces were vacant 😉

The ceremony took place in the theatre, and the vows that the bride and groom had exchanged were so sincere and beautiful that they couldn’t hold from crying. Same were speeches. When Marta only said Mama, then looked at her mother, there was such a beautiful silence, and the looks they exchanged… There was no need for more words.

Bridesmen also shared on display some videos and short speeches recorded by Marta’s friends and family, and it was so lovely!  After the speeches, it was time to cut the improvised wedding cake, and then to relax, and burn the sparklers to celebrate Marta’s father’s life.

Weather during the day was unstable: with periods of sun, clouds, and even hail. But good enough for me and the newlyweds to walk around the Craig y No’s castle and take some lovely photos there.

Also, I need to mention Marta’s dress, it was made by her Italian friend, and it’s simply amazing!

Craig y Nos castle relaxed wedding photography

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are getting married at the Craig y No’s castle. I simply adore this venue.

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