Canada lodge and lake wedding venue

The gorgeous Canada Lodge (located the northwest of Cardiff), started life as a modest fisherman’s hut on a family farm grounds and expanded greatly to become a very popular wedding venue.

Canada lodge and lake wedding photography

It was such an honour to be invited to be Alex and Rebecca’s Canada lodge and lake wedding photographer. The April sun shined warm all day long, and what a fun spring day it was. As the couple got married on 16th April 2022 (Easter eve day), their guests were participating in an egg hunting activity, and honestly speaking I had to photoshop some of them out (only those who were “ruining” the backgrounds of a romantic photo shoot of Alex and Rebecca).

I need to say the whole day was reflecting the bride and groom’s personality: the nice warm weather, mild sunshine, the new leaves on trees, it was an absolute Spring in the air! And I would call the bride and groom spring-ish persons, as they both are so cute, so in love, so gentle.  

Cardiff wedding photography

The wedding ceremony was so relaxed. Groom seemed to be very very emotional (I think it goes in families – as his parents’ eyes were all wet during the ceremony as well). I recently had a conversation on Facebook with a videographer, who claimed that only real men cry and show their love. Honestly speaking I do not agree. I think some people are more emotional, some are less, and if someone’s partner did not cry seeing his fiancee walking down the aisle it doesn’t mean he is not in love, or he’s not caring, etc.

The speeches were absolutely funny, and you can see how much laughter there was, especially during the father’s of the bride speech. And even the remarques the guests were making during it were absolutely great! By the way, the speeches schedule was unusual, there was a speech after each course of the wedding meal.             

 Canada lodge and lake wedding photos

Here is just a short gallery of photos from Alex and Rebecca’s day at Canada lodge and lake, out of the 500+ they got altogether.

If you’re getting married at Canada lodge and lake, feel free to email me, I adore this venue, and I am based within a very short driving distance.

Also please feel free to take a look at the couple’s Canada lodge and lake wedding videography highlights.