Bath registry office wedding photography

Kane and Dev exchanged vows in the historic setting of the Bath registry office, housed within the grand Guildhall building. The Guildhall is a gorgeous 18th-century municipal building. Its history stretches back even further, with records of a guildhall on the site dating back to 1359.

Bath and North East Somerset Register Office

Before the ceremony, I met the groom and his family at a local central pub just opposite the Bath and North East Somerset Register Office, sharing laughter and well wishes as the anticipation for the big day built. 

The Bath registry office ceremony itself was beautiful, filled with heartfelt vows that truly captured the couple’s love for each other.

Bath wedding photographer 

Following the ceremony, everyone gathered for group photos near the Bath registry office. Thankfully, the earlier rain had cleared, allowing me to capture some stunning photos of the bride and groom amidst the charming cityscapes of Bath.

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