Wedding photographer Cardiff & Peterston-super-Ely

Wedding ceremony at st. Peters Church (Peterston-super-Ely, Cardiff)

Sophia and Ben’s wedding ceremony took place in a lovely small picturesque village Peterston-super-Ely (to the West of Cardiff) in St. Peter’s church. It was a cold and windy December day, but to be honest I’ve never seen the bride or groom “freezing” during their wedding day in any weather – simply because pure love and emotions of getting married to the love of your life won’t let you feel how cold is the weather. As a South Wales and Bristol wedding photographer I don’t freeze during the wedding, as I am working hard, and very often receive the same question from guests: ” Do you ever stop?”. 

Another lovely thing that I would like to mention – is that the groom had two best men, and it made my eyes wet when I saw and captured them hugging each other and supporting their dear friend Ben before the ceremony. Friendship is another great thing among love in this world.

The reception followed at Peterston-super-Ely community hall, which is located just opposite the church. It is very convenient – all you need is just to cross the road and you are at the venue.

Wedding photographer Cardiff

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