Wedding at st. Peters church (Peterston-super-Ely, Cardiff)

Sophia and Ben wedding ceremony took place in a lovely and picturesque village Peterston-super-Ely in St. Peter's church. It was a cold and windy December day, but I've never seen bride or groom "freezing" during their wedding day at any weather - simply because pure love and emotions of getting married to the love of your life won't let you to feel how cold is the weather.

Another thing that I would like to mention - is that groom had two best men, and it made my eyes wet when I saw and captured how they were hugging each other and supporting their dear friend Ben before ceremony. Friendship is another great thing among love in this world .

Reception followed at Peterson-super-Ely community hall, which is located just opposite the church - all you need is just to cross the road and you are in the venue.