I knew Paul long before the wedding, I met him through shared musical interests. He played in a band, I was in the audience (I’d like to play in a band too, but I have no ear for music). By the way, the groom played the guitar at the wedding reception for the bride, and even took one to the after-wedding photo shoot.

I was very pleased to receive such kind feedback words from newlyweds: “Ann is a wonderful photographer, a wonderful person! Thanks to her we have great pictures from our wedding! We haven’t regretted that we appealed to her, as obviously she worked  with all her soul over the photos. Good luck in your work! - Paul and Irene”

Bride's preparations

Bride's preparations earring

crying bride Cardiff

bride and groom under ubmrella

bride under umbrella

pink and white roses wedding bouquete Cardiff

Welsh wedding photographer Ann Hmelnitkaia

Wedding portrait

Cardiff wedding photographer Hmelnitkaia

first wedding dance South wales photo

groom playing guitar

After wedding photoshoot:

groom with guitar

goat eating bride's bouquete