Wedding at Morgans Hotel (Swansea) and Swansea Waterfront Community Church

Thanks to Gareth and Justine's wedding I had another opportunity to visit Swansea, particularly one of the most beautiful parts of the city - waterfront area. I noticed that city has improved to the best since I've last been there and the waterfront sightseeing walkway looks  amazing. 

So now back to couple ;)

Gareth and Justine's wedding ceremony took place in Swansea Waterfront Community Church. The place is very spacious inside and there is a large highlighted wall where the service songs lyrics are displayed when needed and it is quite handful.

Ceremony followed by reception at Morgan's hotel, which is absolutely stunning both outside and inside. Outside it provides a nice grey-red background for group and romantic shots andinside it is very stylish - you may notice that lots of shots look like they are printscreens from a colourful vintage movie (probably due to a combination of interior design, light conditions, guest oufits and my talent ;)
Enjoy the photographs and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding photography services in South Wales area and other parts of UK.