Children (including baby and newborn) and family photography are an important part of my career. In these categories, I twice won family photo contests in the EU.

Often my clients would order family photo sessions regularly, and I have the pleasure to watch their children grow: during the first photoshoots a little baby does not even understand what is going on and “who’s this lady holding a big black thing?” In a couple of years, the child is already posing in front of camera and even leading the conversation with me.

As for the place where the family photo shoot can be taken…there are no restrictions - it can be your home, studio, portable studio installed in your home, or even a familiar park where you used to walk every weekend, and did not pay attention to its beauty but which might prove to be a magical and special place for professional photographs.  

Also my principle is that I'm not greedy, and I deliver more than 100 carefully edited and retouched pictures - the maximum number can reach up to 200.