An engagement (or love-story) photo session can be taken within a few weeks or months before the wedding. It may be the first and last professional photoshoot for the couple before their marriage. In addition, it helps the couple and the photographer understand each other better, to realize how they will be portrayed in professional photographs and understand what poses work best for them.

The advantages of such photo session are endless - the couple can get dressed in the most unusual and colorful outfits, informally, in keeping with a theme, for example steam-punk, fairy-tale, or select an unusual location: for example, a beach where they can run around barefoot.

During this photo shoot they can be more relaxed than on their wedding day, because they don’t have to hurry, there’s no schedule and no fear of being late to church or to the venue. By the way, if in the venue there are LED-screens, some of the pictures taken during the engagement photoshoot can be displayed there to the audience during the wedding party, or these pictures can be used in wedding invitations design.

Furthermore, an engagement or couple photoshoot can be taken even after the wedding (it’s the so called after-wedding photo session), in order to get more romantic images in wedding suits. Also it can take place on the couple’s wedding anniversary.